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Emergency communications platform

SASAP SOS is created to have you, the other family members and the emergency services informed about a crisis situation, as well as it allows you and the others to react a.s.a.p. and solve the case. SASAP SOS is there for you and your family to feel safe.

    App functions:
  • create own user group to send messages
  • make phone calls to emergency services throughout Europe find basic information about the phone call you have made, listen to the recording, look at location
  • discuss phone call with a user group using chat, photo or video
  • find all European emergency phone numbers

SASAP Groundwork

The most important is the human being and he is in the center of his own country!

Services and choice must be available to people, wherever they are!

A new level of comfort and security must be accesible both for you and for your family! This is exactly the essence of SASAP - you will be able to learn about the needs of your family, friends or partners, control the situation and provide them with the necessary resources even when you are thousands of miles away from them. We can rely on mutual help, not just be lonely, in poverty, feeling helpless and useless.

  • SASAP is an application that helps you and your loved ones to deal with everyday as well as with emergency situations.
  • SASAP provides services anyplace.
  • SASAP represents the best in price, security and quality terms from entrepreneurs as well as state and local authorities, that they can offer.
  • SASAP enlists the necessary financial, administrative and information resources to solve a problem.
  • With SASAP you can even review a good service and select the highest quality services on the market.
  • With SASAP, you cut costs and make money, as you can act as both a buyer and seller.

What is for?

Nowadays there is no problem in establishing your location locally, nationally or globally. We have a knowledge about the ressources at hand as well. By changing our attitude towards buyer-seller relationships, we can mobilize resources to help a specific person, instead of the assets being merely available.

We see many gains in efficiency through successful communication, collaboration and business thinking.

Download the application

Create your profile and your circle of trust, choose your administrator-concierge, present everything you want and find out about the activities in your area: people, partners, services, cultural events, history, nature attractions and ideas!

Do not be apathetic and helpless, do not allow yourself to be stressed out or panicked in an unusual situation!

Think of action and help-scenarios, consult experts and make preparations to avoid risks!

Try our application and support us, and we will prove that all of the above is possible!

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3 steps with SASAP SOS

1 Step

Open App

Register to our service or use it without registration with limited option

2 Step

Choose emergency phone

SASAP allows to call for help for you or someone else

3 Step


Additional phone numbers available in Contacts

1 Step

Invite someone

You can invite people usig their emails

2 Step

Add more members

There is no limitation for the number of contacts

3 Step

Set up notifications

You can set different settings for each of your contacts

1 Step

Get notification

You will get notifications for every call, as per agreement

2 Step

Open Call Report

Order will include info about the call, a recording and location

3 Step

Chat and help each other

Use chat to send messages to everyone or call Order assistant to clarify details

Latest Updates

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Version 2.0

Main Description

Available on the App Store


SOS calls - to call emergiency numbers throughout Europe. Group - choose peope you want to share information about your SOS calls and Chat messages. Orders - call in to report with more info about the call and location.


App allow you to call SOS numbers in all of the Europe. In Latvia call is redirected trough our central and you can use recording. This functionality is not yet available in other countries.


You can invite others to get a notification about SOS call and new messages in the Chat.


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